Racing Syndicates

Horse Racing Syndicates.

If you’re new to or thinking of joining a racing syndicate then below are some of the most commonly asked questions to help you research, firstly if horse racing syndication is for you and if so which one will best suit your needs. However if you have any further questions then please feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to help.

Racing Syndicates
Racing Syndicates

How do racing syndicates work?

Owning a racehorse can be expensive. The cost of buying a racehorse can range from tens of thousands and well into the many millions of pounds and then the training and expenses such as farrier costs, vet fees, insurance, jockey fees, transport cost etc after you have bought the horse can be anywhere from £25,000 plus per year.

To spread the cost over a number of people so that many can enjoy the thrill and excitement of racehorse ownership then you can form a syndicate, either with a group of friends or you can buy into a syndicate with one of the many managed syndicates available.

How much does it cost to buy shares in a racehorse?

This can vary depending on how many shares the syndicate is split into and can range from a few hundred pounds for a small initial payment, typically 1% share purchase and then a smaller amount per month approximately £50/£100 per month up to thousands of pounds for 5, 10, or 25% purchase, obviously there are many factors influencing this including the initial cost of the racehorse and who and where it is put into training with.

How many people can be in a racehorse syndicate?

Syndicates need to have two or more members although there is no upper limit to the number of members. However, more members may well bring down the cost of membership it can also cause the quality of the service and the benefits to be diluted.

How many people can be in a racehorse syndicate

Who gets the prize money in horse racing?

The prize money displayed on the Racing Post website is the gross prize money, including all the prize money distributed between owners, trainers, jockeys and the stable. The owners’ percentage of prize money is roughly 78% for win prize money, and 83-87% for place prize money.

Some syndicates do also take a percentage of the owners prize money, and also deduct entry fees, jockeys fees and transport costs from the prize money, some include all these in the monthly fee so this maybe something you want to look at when deciding which syndicate you want to join.

What does it cost to train a racehorse?

Training costs normally work out at around £25,000 plus per year, so the cost of a share will be based on these figures a 1% share maybe a few hundred pounds a year and a 10% share approximately £2500 plus per year, including farrier costs, feeding and supplements.

What does it cost to train a racehorse

Most trainers charge a daily fee and then the other costs are added to your invoice giving roughly around the figure above assuming no extraordinary costs are incurred.

Can a company buy a horse?

Yes you can buy a horse in a company name, if this is sole ownership then the company will need to be registered with The British Horse racing Authority alternatively companies can be shares in horses through a syndicate.

Do horse racing syndicates make money?

Although it is possible to make money from owning a share in a racehorse, it should be treated as something you are involved in for fun, enjoyment and entertainment and try to keep your expectation low, if you expect nothing then you want be disappointed and anything else above that is a bonus.

Having said all that it can be a numbers game and with the right approach and with a plan to try and find horses that increase in value and campaign them with a view to increase their value it is possible to make money, you also need to get in at the right time and sell at the right time, something we are always aiming to do at BFP Racing.

So if we buy 5 horses we are hopefully of making a profit on some of them although realistic enough to know that not all of them will go on to make money, so if you are in just one horses the odds are against you making money but it still can provide lots of fun and enjoyment and dreams can come true that it is the one.

Are horse racing syndicates worth it?

That can depend on your expectations and your love of horse racing, if you want fun and enjoyment and you put a high price on these things, then they can be worth it.

You will get lots of videos, pictures, updates from trainers and jockeys and the chance to meet and make new like minded friends.

Enjoy a great day out with with a racing syndicate

These things can make joining a syndicate and being a part owner of a race horse at an affordable price, worth every penny.

How much does a racehorse cost per month?

The average cost of owning a race horse is around £2,500 plus per month and a share approximately, for 1% maybe around £30 / £40 pounds a month and a 10% share approximately £250 plus per month with everything included, this can be a little bit less during the off season when the horse is not racing and a little bit higher during the racing season when you have to take into account jockeys fees, entry costs and transport cost to and from the race course.

Is owning a horse profitable?

Owning a racehorse or a share in a syndicate should always be seen as an affordable way to enjoy the thrill of owning part a racehorse without the expense of having your own string of horses. You will get all the excitement but without the same risks but if you join the right syndicate and get involved in the right horse it is always possible to make a profit.

How old do you need to be to own a racehorses?

You will need to be 18 to own a racehorse as you will need to register with The British Horse Racing Authority and if you wish to claim the VAT back on your purchases or the syndicate you join wishes to claim the VAT back to subsidize your monthly costs then you will need a National Insurance number

Affordable horse racing syndicates?

Syndicates can vary greatly in price and what is affordable to one person may not be to another.

It maybe best to start with what you can comfortably afford to spend on your initial purchase and how much you can afford each month and remember you will be signing a contract for one or two years, so try to stick within your budget, keep your expectations low and you will have lots of enjoyment.

Cheap horse racing syndicates
Enjoy the thrill of racing in a syndicate

Racehorse shares for sale?

Shares in racehorses are always available in many syndicates both flat and national hunt.

It is a major commitment and worth spending time to research what shares meet your needs and speak to the racing managers. They should be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

It is important to build up a good working relationship with the racing manager, you are a part owner and should be made to feel like one. Racehorse ownership should never be treated as an investment so make sure, its for yo and don`t forget to enjoy being apart of a syndicate as that is often where the real value is.

Best UK horse racing syndicates?

Its not really possible to say which is the best syndicate as they all have different aims, objectives and costs.

So its probably best to look at what is best for you, do you want an older horse with lots of days out but maybe quite exposed and limited in ability or improvement or a two year old that may have the possibility of increasing in value but may also have no ability although with an unexposed two year old the dream is always alive, at least until it runs.

Maybe jump racing is for you and again, are you looking for a youngster off the flat with an aim to give it a few runs over hurdles and hope to sell it on for a profit or an older exposed horse that will give you lots of days out and lots of fun but maybe well exposed.

So the best UK horse racing syndicate for you is the one that meets all your needs at a cost that is comfortable for you. Do lots of research and don`t be afraid to ask lots of questions and enjoy the whole experience.

Horse racing syndicates in Yorkshire?

When you are looking at joining a syndicate, you may want to look at where the horse is trained, as you may enjoy stable visits and it maybe more likely to run within that area. So if you are in Yorkshire you may want to look at syndicates with horses in training in somewhere like Middleham or Malton as this will make seeing your horse more accessible.

I am Yorkshire born and bred so although we have horses in training at Newmarket, which is mainly due to having a very long friendship with Jane Chappel-Hyam who is a top class trainer.

Jane Chappel-Hyam. Horse racing trainer
Jane Chappel-Hyam

We also have horses in training with Jedd O`Keeffe in Middleham and Rebecca Menzies at Sedgefield so we get to cover the North and South.

With Telegram rooms, videos, email, voice recordings etc where the syndicate is based may not be a big issue but where the horse is trained maybe something you would want to consider.

Horse racing Syndicates UK?

There are lots of horse racing syndicates in the UK and many of them are members of the “Racehorse syndicates association”.

These syndicates have agreed to sign up to a code of conduct and it is well worth considering a syndicate that is a member of the association. You can check out the their website and their members at

Best horse racing syndicate for you?

BFP Racing is a unique syndicate run by a former work rider, pro punter and successful in play horse racing trader with a long history in horse racing at the highest level.

To find the best horse racing syndicate to suit you, do lots of research and take your time. Being part of a syndicate, can be great fun and be enjoyable interesting and fun so take your time and enjoy.

Should you have any further questions that you would like answering then please feel free to contact us, we are always happy to help.