Welcome to BFP Racing.

BFP Racing has been formed to offer a limited number of people a unique opportunity to experience the excitement of racehorse ownership at as close to cost price as possible. All costs and expenses are open and transparent, the only fee taken is the monthly management fee, each horse is carefully selected and campaigned to try and increase its value during the syndicate period. All the horses are purchased on the basis that we have spotted an edge in potential improvement and each syndicate will have set end date unless otherwise agreed by the majority of syndicate members.

Bloodstock Analysis.

  • Extensive research is put in to all the major sales catalogues.
  • All horses are inspected by one of the sharpest horseman in the business.
  • Trainers with a track record of increasing the value of their stock. inspect every prospective purchase.
  • The latest veterinary technology is used to asses a horses ability to stand the rigours of training.

Data Analysis.

  • Analysis is done on all the sires to find those whose offspring have the highest percentage probability of increasing in value throughout their career.
  • A similar approach is also used on the dam`s side combining data to help up find value in the sales ring.
  • All the data is combined with what always comes first the physical and temperament of any prospective purchase.

Owners Experience.

  • The above underpins everything we do however we never forget the syndicate experience should be fun, interesting and informative.
  • Regular updates, videos, voice messages, phone calls are all part of the experience, after all you are the part owner and deserve to be at the heart of everything we do.
  • Stable visits, race-day badges and pre and post race analysis assessing the chances of your horse from the trainer and jockey are all just a small part of being apart of BFP Racing.


  • You own an actually share in a horse and not just the rights to a percentage of the sale price and any winnings.
  • We don`t take a percentage of your winnings or sales proceeds.
  • Telegram rooms for all the horses to discuss updates and plans and your opinion matters.
  • Shares are limited in each horse giving a close and personal experience at an affordable price providing exceptional value.


A unique approach to getting involved in racehorse ownership at an affordable price combining world class horsemanship with modern day statistical analysis in an attempt to try and beat the odds in finding horses that will increase in value throughout their careers. The odds are stacked heavily against us and not every horse will achieve this however at an affordable price we will have lots of fun and hopefully you will find it interesting, informative and exciting as we try and beat the odds.

“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” – Seneca